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For I »must« do the will of God, not my own will. ♥️John 6:38♥️

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Not My Story

I just want to leave this work

I'm so done

Yet I heard a voice

My Father was speaking

I heard Him asking

What if I had a reason

for this very season

what if I’m teaching

let go of your way of doing

let go, stop seeking people’s love

I want you to seek Me, above

for true love only I give

I long for you to live

this life for My glory

Your life is all My story

Please give Me the pen

His gentle voice rebukes

It’s all for His love and glory

It’s not my story

I’m not here to please myself

To get my own way

I have only one life

I must do this job, live this day

not afraid of others or their applause

rather seeking His Kingdom and righteousness. 

I was seeking something else

my own gain and selfishness 

I must let go 

that this seed might grow

it’s roots stretching deep

that no matter what heap 

of weeds or stormy breezes

might blow it to pieces.

Rooted down deep,

firmly planted in His love

I want to be near to Him

no matter the cost.

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